Jesse Cole: America’s Student Life & Leadership Coach

Jesse Cole often reminds young men to “Lead With No Apologies.”  Author, Leadership Speaker and Student Life Coach Jesse A. Cole, Jr., is one of the leading authorities in helping young leaders maximize their potential. As the preferred life coach for student influencers, Cole’s approach can be described as encouraging and thought-challenging.

He likes to think of himself as the big brother for student leaders, celebrating their individuality while strategically helping them achieve goals closing their life and leadership gaps. 

Cole is an international speaker and the author of 3 books including, “Walk Like A King: The Young Man’s Guide To Conquering The World” & “Lead With No Apologies: 21 Ways To Boost Your Influence.” 

Cole is also the creator of several programs including the KING Camp, the Queens of Kings Empowerment Experience that aims to strengthen the relationship between mothers and their sons, and the award-winning 1,000 KINGS Leadership Academy that equips young male leaders to become the better version of themselves. Jesse has spoken to numerous schools and universities and has keynoted and/or facilitated training for several organizations and corporate companies including Michigan State University, Oakland Community College, Wayne County Community College, Detroit College Promise, Detroit Scholarship Fund, Deloitte, Ford Motor Company to name a few. 

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