Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever: How Exceptional Black Women Lead

This book by Avis Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D.,How Exceptional Black Women Lead brings together compelling research, hard data, and generously shared personal advice to unlock the secrets to exceptional success for today’s Black woman.

Shared are perspectives gathered from 70 exceptional Black women leaders, each who’ve blazed a trail in corporations, non-profit organizations, as public servants, activists, elected officials, entertainers or entrepreneurs. From the C-Suite to the Streets, and even to the Halls of Congress, How Exceptional Black Women Lead relays the strategies and techniques that result in breaking away from the pack, making your mark, and overcoming the layered challenges every Black woman faces on her way to the top. 

Find Dr. Avis regularly as a Guest Host and Regular Panelist to TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, PBS’ To the Contrary, Sirius XM Radio’s The Agenda, and the Huffington Post.  To learn more, log on to:  http://home/devserver/public_html/DrGenevaSpeaks.avisjonesdeweever.com


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