How to be a “Fly” Business Woman

Are you a leader? Are you a “fly” leader?  This young woman is all about being a “fly” in business. Meaning: she is awesome and amazing and inspiring others on the fly!  Latoya Johnson will discuss how women can and should to support one another, network and more importantly to cultivate strategically achievement­ driven relationships.

About LaToya: 

Latoya Johnson, widely known as “The Fly Coach” is purposeful and unapologetic. As a thought-leader, author, and leadership coach, Latoya has created a respectable social media presence where she has reached an audience of over 500 thousand people. When she responded to her calling to empower and educate women, Latoya had a deliberate intention to promote self-love and economic empowerment.


Fast forward to now, Latoya is owner of F.L.Y Business Coaching LLC and founder of The Journey to Self-Love Challenge, an online sisterhood of over ten thousand women. She inspires her audience to redirect their lives by adopting new thoughts, habits, and behaviors to live more fulfilled lives.

Latoya has spoken before women’s organizations, corporations, and spiritual institutions. Her main goal is to empower women to discover and maximize their value to be a greater assets in their homes with genuine love and understanding, in their communities through service, and in the world through business and enterprise. Through leveraging, and cultivating supportive, achievement-driven relationships, she has become a master networking powerhouse and communicator.

Latoya recently partnered with Felicia Phillips as Global Director of The PINKpreneur Network.

She is honored to have been trained and mentored by Les Brown.



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