Women in Leadership: Top Strategies from C- & E-Suite Women

Our guest today, Dr. Laureen Wishom, discovered that high-achieving career and businesswomen in leadership know all of the ‘power player’ strategies for growth and success. She tudied and watched female ‘power players’ who hold C-Suite or E-Suite positions, and they all have certain ‘power moves’ that lead to Growth. Success. Acceleration. Today’s show will share tips that Dr. Laureen Wishom has learned from C- and E-Suite Women in Leadership.

Dr. Laureen Wishomis an award-winning Speaker, Strategist and Solutionist and the founder of Dr. Laureen International and the Achievers Women’s Association. She brings over fifteen years of leadership, management, technology and non-profit experience to her international company designed to help high-achieving women who are career professionals, business owners or non-profit leaders master Growth. achieve Success. maintain Acceleration (the GSA Factor).

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