Dr. Joel P. Martin: Women Leaders and the Purpose of Power Networking

Exceptional women surround themselves with other powerful and high-achieving women. This is POWER NETWORKING.

“I believe all people have the capacity to be positively powerful,” says our guest, Dr. Joel P. Martin, author and renowned international trainer, speaker and coach.  She believes women servant leaders are making significant impacts on the lives of others and has created an awards program to honor them. “My goal is to empower all people to go for their highest aspirations because of the examples set by amazing role models.” Dr. Martin is the founder and creator of the annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards program.

Dr. Martin’s personal mission, and the mission of her company,Triad West, Inc., is to transform lives and businesses for the better.  She is also the Director of Training and Education for George Fraser’s annual PowerNetworking Conference. According to George Fraser, CEO, she is “a class act, a phenomenal woman who knows how to lift up the best and brightest in our community.” She serves as a commissioner on the Human Relations Commission, City of Scottsdale, as a board member of ABHOW (American Baptist Homes of the West) and member of the Leading Age Leadership Circle, a national think-tank on homes and services for the aging.

Dr. Martin has appeared on the Today Show, in the NY Times, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Fortune magazine.

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